Step into the world of exceptional accuracy and reliability with our diverse collection of AR-10 / AR-308 barrels. Catering to a variety of needs and preferences, our range includes various sizes from the compact 10.5" to the extended 20" barrels. Each barrel is meticulously designed to enhance your shooting experience, whether for competitive shooting, hunting, or tactical use. Explore our selection to find the barrel that not only fits your rifle but also matches your shooting style.

Top-Quality AR-10 / AR-308 Barrels – Precision Across All Sizes

Welcome to the premier destination for AR-10 and AR-308 barrels, where precision meets versatility. Our carefully selected range caters to all shooters, from tactical professionals to outdoor enthusiasts. Each barrel is crafted for excellence, ensuring top performance in every shot. Whether you’re upgrading for accuracy, range, or reliability, our barrels are designed to elevate your shooting experience. Browse our collection and find the barrel that perfectly aligns with your shooting goals.